The following projects are in development with partners across the EU and beyond:

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STEM Career Development (STEM4TECH)

Empowering young minds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, this initiative offers mentorship, skill-building, and real-world exposure, paving the way for a new generation of skilled professionals in high-demand fields.


Esports 4 Employability (Esports)

Leveraging the popularity of esports, this project equips youth with essential job skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, while also fostering leadership and sportsmanship qualities through competitive gaming.


Green Skills 4 Youth

Incorporating environmental consciousness, GS4Y imparts sustainable practices and green skills to youth, preparing them to contribute meaningfully to ecological preservation and environmentally responsible industries.


Signing Banks

Enabling financial inclusivity, SIGNB provides digital financial services tailored to the d/Deaf communities, enhancing accessibility and economic independence for this often-marginalized group.


Stupreneurs (STUPREN)

Nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship, STUPREN encourages innovative thinking, business acumen, and self-starting capabilities among youth, driving economic growth and job creation from within communities.


Addressing Youth@Risk (AYRR)

By partnering with universities, this project extends higher education opportunities to marginalized youth, offering pathways to success, personal development, and social integration for those at risk.


Leauge of Fitnes

Promoting holistic well-being, LoF emphasizes physical fitness and mental health through group activities and fitness challenges, fostering a healthier and more resilient youth population.


Digital Vulnerability Index (DVI)

Addressing the digital age's challenges, DVI assesses and educates youth on online security, privacy, and digital literacy, ensuring they navigate the digital landscape safely and confidently



Cultauriture is our initiative celebrating cultural diversity and promoting cross-cultural understanding among youth. Through art, music, cuisine, and storytelling, this project creates inclusive spaces where different backgrounds converge, fostering mutual respect and appreciation. Through this project, Passport 2 Employability International Foundation facilitates intercultural dialogue and paves the way for a harmonious future built upon shared experiences and respect for all traditions.


Your Life is Your Business (YLYB)

Encouraging personal responsibility, YLYB empowers youth to take charge of their lives by imparting essential life skills, financial literacy, and decision-making abilities for a self-determined future.